Community Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our global team of lawyers subscribe to a set of core values, including a commitment to social responsibility. The organisation supports and coordinates all member firms’ efforts to focus on:

• the development of talent and professionalism;
• respect for cultural diversity;
• environmental responsibility;
• investment in emerging markets and developing legal systems to support the rule of law;
• working together locally and globally to enhance our corporate citizenship.

Our core values include:

• ensuring impeccable professional ethics of the highest standards;
• fostering strong personal and professional relationships between colleagues around the world;
• providing an effective, responsive ‘Best Client’ status to each other’s clients and matters;
• selecting leading, reliable firms as members to maintain consistent quality;
• providing members with quality legal and business education that meets international standards and which respects cross-cultural diversity.

Interlaw also believes in supporting great causes and initiatives such as our sponsorship of LawWithoutWalls, an established and highly successful legal education programme, which provides law students from around the world with the cross-cultural, entrepreneurial and business skills they need to succeed in their future careers. Interlaw also makes annual donations to Save the Children.