Owen Bird Law Corporation

Primary Interlaw Contact:

Alan A. Frydenlund Q.C.


Website: http://www.owenbird.com/

Owen Bird’s Clients Are Entrepreneurs

To serve clients well, Owen Bird has recruited bright, energetic, motivated lawyers, who close deals, win cases and get the job done. Partners take a hands-on approach to their practices. Owen Bird lawyers are experts in their fields. They understand clients’ needs — the best result at the least cost. The firm believes in fair compensation for the result they get, not simply the time it takes to get it. Owen Bird remembers the bottom line – theirs and the clients.

Reliable Professional Service

Founded in 1969, Owen Bird’s first objective has always been to meet this goal. Everyone in the firm seeks to provide outstanding service and produce the best result for clients. With their diverse skills, Owen Bird lawyers solve problems and achieve goals in an appropriate way — through negotiation, arbitration, litigation or whatever best suits their clients’ needs. Determining those needs and how to meet them is what the firm does best.

The practice of law is the art of solving problems

Owen Bird finds practical solutions to problems, simple or complex. More importantly, the firm anticipates and prevents problems. Their collective experience allows them to do this well.

Office Location

2900 – 595 Burrard Street
P.O. Box 49130
Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1J5

Tel: +604 688-0401

Interlaw Contacts

Alan A Frydenlund, Q.C.
Direct +604-691-7511
Fax +604-632-4486
Email afrydenlund@owenbird.com

Patrick J Haberl
Direct +604-691-7523
Fax +604-632-4451
Email phaberl@owenbird.com

Edith A Ryan
Direct +604-691-7518
Fax +604-632-4480
Email eryan@owenbird.com

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