Selective Membership

Interlaw is a network of independent full service corporate law firms with a distinguished reputation for adherence to the highest international standards of ethics, client service and professionalism. Every prospective law firm is thoroughly vetted before an invitation is extended to join the network, and each member’s participation and performance is monitored to assure continued quality control.

Interlaw’s culture is one of inclusion and familiarity and is known as the “high touch” relationship-building network. Through a variety of initiatives, shared matters, referrals, conferences, Interlaw conferences, casual face-to-face firm visits, collaborative business development projects, social media, and meet-ups at professional conferences, Interlawyers build confidence in the capacity and capabilities of member firms.

Interlawyers foster friendships over many years and through many simple and sophisticated channels. Interlawyers know and like each other and become familiar with the capabilities of fellow member firms. Interlawyers trust that their clients will be looked after with the highest level of competency and attention.

Interlawyers extend the courtesies of “Best Client” performance to fellow Interlawyers and their clients, including immediate response, quality legal counsel, transparency in billing, sharing of best practices, and open communication. These are long-term relationships.

Interlaw thoroughly vets prospective member firms, and generally considers only law firms located in a jurisdiction in which Interlaw does not currently host the primary office of a current member firm. Interlaw is not an exclusive network, and the firms are not financially integrated. However, Interlawyers tend to refer business to one another because they know of the quality, concern and responsiveness of fellow members.

Interlaw and its member firms have been awarded high accolades from legal and business publications and organizations, as has Interlaw itself. Interlaw is ranked by Chambers & Partners in its highest category, “Elite” amongst all global law firm networks.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

As a member-driven organization, lawyers and professionals of member firms are expected to adhere to shared core values of the association, especially by extending to members and their clients the courtesies of Best Client practices and faithfully attending the annual AGM and Regional Meetings.

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